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For 4-6 people:
2 sheets of nori seaweed *
2 handfuls of boiled rice (preferably basmati is more fragrant and flavorful)
1/2 cucumber, cut into matchsticks
1/2 carrot, cut into matchsticks
2 shiitake mushrooms * cut into strips
1 cube of tofu or, Alternatively, seitan
To serve:
soy sauce
pickled ginger * (pickled ginger)
* Wasabi (green horseradish sauce)


This recipe looks much more complicated than it actually is, after a couple of times you do it you will be very fast.
First you better prepare tofu.
Ideally, freeze and then defrost, so change texture and is more comfortable to work with. Once thawed cut 1/2 cm thick slices and boil a few minutes in a little water and soy sauce.
Finally, after you've wrung to remove excess liquid, put it in the oven at 160° C until it dries completely assuming a fibrous consistency a bit (this is also great for sandwiches and salads).
Cut into sticks.
Roll out a sheet of nori on a durable towel and cover with a layer of boiled rice (not too much, otherwise it will be difficult to roll up the roulade).
Add the rice along the sheet of nori, in succession, a bunch of carrot, cucumber slivers, a few sticks of tofu (or seitan) and a couple of slices of mushrooms.
Continue until you arrive at the end of the sheet leaving space between an ingredient.
Now you have to wrap the sheet from the farther side from you by rolling the paper toward you. It's easier to do it using the napkin that you place under the sheet. Be careful not to break the sheet, so this should be neither too dry nor too moist.
Once done the roulade close it gently wetting Board.
Finished wrap all sushi rolls, when well sealed cut into "slices" of 3-4 cm each with a serrated knife being careful not to get them to open.
Arrange on a serving dish "lying": they'll look great with all the different colors that compose them.
You eat after they are dipped in a little soy sauce together with wasabi. For this purpose each diner, in addition to the pot should have a bowl with soy sauce and ginger.
It is advisable to eat pickled ginger after each piece of sushi to take away the taste of wasabi that pinch a lot.

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* tutti ingredienti facilmente reperibili in un negozio o supermercato cinese, ma anche nei negozi di alimentazione naturale e/o macrobiotica

(Thanks to Monica)

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ciao sono enzo, sarebbe meglio se sotto il foglio di alga si mettesse una stuoia di bambù che è usata proprio per preparare il sushi. si pu? trovare in tutti i nagozi di arredo etnico o in erboristeria. se siete interessati ad altre ricette per il sushi vegan ne ho a pacchi. saluti

- enzo -

anche l'avocado ci sta molto bene,con la carota.

- sageway -

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