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Citronnette sauce (for salad)


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3 parts olive oil (i.e. 3 tablespoons), 1 part lemon juice (eg. 1 tablespoon), salt, pepper


The sauce citronnette has as a rule the ratio of 3 parts of oil and a lemon (though it obviously can be scaled to match your personal taste).
The amount will vary depending on the vegetables you have to season it. That proposal is suitable for a medium bowl of salad enough for 4 people.
Salt (a pinch for 4 people) should be dissolved in lemon, to which is added the oil and a sprinkling of pepper (freshly ground ideal).
The resulting sauce is suitable not only for salads, even for pears, citrus, avocado, potatoes, beets, etc.
This sauce takes its name from "citron", lemon in French.

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