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Summer cup


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Some salad leaves (or Chinese cabbage), 2 cucumbers not too big, 200 gr. strawberries, 100 gr. tofu, extra virgin olive oil, 1 pinch of cayenne pepper (optional)


This is an extremely original salad but very tasty and refreshing, and great special effects.
Prepare the dessert bowls and foderatele with nice size salad leaves (preferably Chinese cabbage).
Peel a couple of cucumbers not too large; It is best to use small cucumbers because they are generally sweeter-anyway to remove the bitter cucumbers there is a curious but effective: cut the end where the cucumber was attached to the plant and just rub it with a rotating movement against the cucumber pulp remained uncovered.
After a few seconds you will see a white foam: delete it, then Peel and slice the cucumber as usual.
Take a basket of strawberries (about 200 g), wash them quickly and clean them by removing the stem, then chop them finely and mix the slices of cucumber.
Add salt, seasoned with extra virgin olive oil and stir gently; you can also add a pinch of red pepper.
Then add 100 gr. tofu into cubes, put everything in the cups and serve cold.

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(Thanks to Parama Karuna)

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