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Minestrone with spelt


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For 8 people: 200 g of decorticated spelt-1.5 liters of water-1 onion-2 tablespoons sesame oil (or olive oil)-1 stalk of celery-1 rosemary sprig whole-100 g of red lentils 2 medium organic carrots-peeled and broken-300 g pumpkin-1 handful of cabbage (or other leafy green), cut into very thin striscoline-1 tsp salt-2 tbsp shoyu (soy sauce)-1 bunch parsley


Wash the spelt and heat the water with salt.
Clean and slice the onion and sauté in a little oil.
Meanwhile, slice the celery and add it along with the sprig of Rosemary, which will then be left whole and removed before I lose the needles.
Add a little toasted him, after which the decorticated spelt add salted hot water, lentil (already washed and drained), carrots cut into small pieces (to be used with the skin, washing them thoroughly and spazzolandole) and diced pumpkin rather small.
Cover the pot and bring to the end of the cooking time to about 45/50 minutes, stirring occasionally.
Just minutes from the end of cooking add the cabbage cut into strips very thin.
When cooked add shoyu.
Serve on plates topped with chopped fresh parsley.
It's also good the next day: maybe even better!

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Spelt is an ancient and very energetic food.

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