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Polenta with vegetables


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For 4-6 people
500 g flour for polenta-4 tomatoes-4 1 4 Zucchini-carrot-pepper-100 g of peas-100 g of green beans-1 onion-2 cloves garlic- aromatic salt -pepper-oil-soy sauce (optional)


Prepare the polenta as directed.

To prepare a Traditional polenta faultless, requiring at least 40 minutes baking in a copper pot and be stirred continuously does not form lumps, recommend the use of the electric pot for polenta.

Meanwhile, diced all the vegetables.
Take a pan with oil, garlic and onion.
As soon as they start to turn Golden, add the other vegetables, aromatic salt and a pinch of pepper.
If you wish you can also add a bit of soy sauce.
Leave on the heat until all vegetables are cooked to perfection.

The tomatoes will be almost completely unraveled in the meantime, blending with the remaining vegetables and giving the same look like a tasty intigolo: all you have to do is pour it in dishes with polenta and wish you good appetite!

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L'ha fatta la mia mamma su mia richiesta e lei ha usato la polenta taragna... Mmmmmm! Che buona!

- Loopy -

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