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Happy rabbit stew


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1 carrot, 1 clove garlic and 1/2 thick onion-olive oil-some chives, oregano and marjoram (or tarragon)-salt-soy stew (half a pack)-two or three handfuls of peas and mushrooms (even frozen)-1 eggplant about 7x15 cm-1 courgette (optional)


Take a pan with oil, carrot, garlic, onion and spices.
While shredded spices, rehydrated soy stew (put it in cold water, light the fire and when it boils, let simmer for three or four minutes, then drain, rinse and squeeze).
Take a box of tomatoes (or peeled parts) and place it in the pot when the sauce starts to be gilded, adding, if you will, a sliver of vegetable stock cube.
Then add a couple of diced potatoes, and beef stew.
Cook for at least an hour.
Once you have put to simmer tomatoes-potatoes-stew, and you you will be prepared a pan or kettle with warm water to add water (turn often and add water, because it dries so much!), prepared by a part of peas and mushrooms (I use frozen ones, and I put straight from the freezer), which must be added after about twenty minutes of the initial preparation.
The doses? Let's say two or three handfuls of peas and more or less the same volume of mushrooms.
Then with an eggplant black-skinned ones say that both similar to a cylinder diameter 7 cm and length 15 (and you can find the volumetric conversion if hemispherical!!))-then the cubed.
At this point everything should be on the fire for at least half an hour, and you're in time to put the eggplant.
If you're in the pot, you can also add a courgette.
From the start of cooking at the end, has to pass an hour or so, and the eggplant should cook about half an hour, but times are flexible. I recommend to taste often;-) so you decide how much salt to put. 8-)

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