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Tofu with dried fruit


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For one serving: 125 grams of tofu with herbs-4 almonds peeled half-handful of pine nuts-shelled hazelnuts 4-2 noci -1 clove of garlic pistachios-10-two teaspoons wheat germ coffee-SHOYU (soy sauce)


Fro the pistachios and walnuts and put them together with almonds, pine nuts, garlic and nuts in a blender.
Blend for a few seconds, depending on the device, but the result are grains of 1-2 mm in diameter.
Put the brick of tofu in a shallow dish and shower him with the "smoothie" just did, making sure to also fall around the brick of tofu (the eye wants its).
Drop a few drops of shoyu on portion and then spread to rain on whole wheat germ (alternatively you can mix with the "smoothie").

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