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Brussels sprouts and chickpeas


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For 3-4 people:
Brussels sprouts (1 Pack)
1 or 2 cans of chickpeas
1 large onion
spices to taste


Clean the brussel sprouts and place them in boiling water (the water should cover them ... I recommend not too much) for twenty minutes, until they are almost cooked.
Meanwhile Sauté sliced onion not too finely and add the chickpeas.
Add the Brussels sprouts cut into two or four (depending on the size).
Add salt, oil and other spices to taste.
Keep in the pan until the sprouts and the chickpeas are not cooked and tasty.
Serve with couscous (delicious) or pasta.

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Sono buoni anche il giorno dopo.
Tempo di preparazione: 40 minuti circa.

(Thanks to Mattias)

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é veramente buona e gustosa!!! da provare con ceci "seri" (ammollati e poi lessati) e non in scatola e con i cavoletti al vapore anzichè bolliti. ottimo unito a couscous insaporito con masala: provare per credere!!! ciao a tutti e buon appetito irene

- irene -

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