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Almond crisp


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250 gr of shelled almonds - 200 g rice malt syrup


1. First prepare the marble floor on which raffredderete the crunchy: wash and dry it well and sprinkle with a film of oil. If you don't have a marble floor, a wooden board covered with wax paper.
2. Preheat the oven to 150° C and let us toast, on the plate, the almonds for about 20 minutes. Turn them from time to time, because they dry and become golden, but without burning. Coarsely chop about 1/3 down and keep the other warm.
3. In a saucepan, put heat on low flame, malt, turning floor with a wooden spoon until it forms a slight white foam index that starts to boil. Cook gently for 10 minutes, then turn off the heat and pour in one fell swoop all almonds, chopped and whole. Stir vigorously with spoon until the mixture is well blended.
4. Pour it boiling again on the marble surface, cover with a sheet of wax paper and flatten off with rolling pin. With a wet-bladed knife, make incisions to facilitate then the cut. Let it cool completely (even in the fridge), then cut along the incisions, with net shots. Keep it in the tin box, al fresco (why not soften) and separating the pieces among them with sheets of wax paper.

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(Ricetta di Annalisa Antodicola)

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gagliarda e tradizionale, veniva fatta anche da mia nonna, si può usare altra cosa al posto del malto di riso?

- antodicola maurizio -

A me purtroppo non è venuto croccante ma un po’ morbido..quale può essere la causa? Si può rimediare o rimane così?

- Andrea -

Maurizio, puoi provare con altri dolcificanti naturali come lo sciroppo di agave o d'acero.
Andrea, prova a raffreddarlo in frigorifero.

- Lo staff di Vegan3000 -

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