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Lasagna with radicchio, quick to prepare


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For 4 people
250 g durum wheat dried lasagna without eggs
white sauce (double dose)
1 large head of radicchio, or 2 medium
extra virgin olive oil
nutritional yeast flakes
sesame seeds (optional)


Lasagna are a typical dish of holidays and for special occasions, mainly because of their lengthy and often elaborate preparation.

Why not try to cook a sprint version in fast times, with a few selected ingredients and a few simple steps, preparable also ahead the day before and ready to bake for lunch or dinner?

This lasagna with radicchio is a recipe particularly fast to prepare (less than half an hour), to which you have to add the cooking time, that will be free time for you.

Quick to prepare and delicious to taste, perfect for those who love the bitter of radicchio, but also excellent with other vegetables of your choice!


Wash the radicchio and cut into strips.

Heat a little oil in a large pan and add the radicchio.
Season with salt and pepper, add half a glass of water, stir and cover.

Cook for about 20 minutes, stirring occasionally, until the radicchio is cooked and the water completely absorbed; possibly remove the lid to finish cooking.

While the radicchio is cooking, prepare the white sauce by following the instructions and doubling the doses (it requires one liter of vegetable milk): for this recipe the sauce should be slightly liquid, as it uses the raw lasagna.

When the sauce is ready and the radicchio completely wilted, mix them together in the same pot and prepare to assemble the lasagna.

Grease a baking pan with a little oil, make a first light coating of sauce with radicchio, then moisten by passing it under the tap each lasagna sheet and set it into the pan to form a homogeneous layer.

Cover each layer of lasagna with bechamel sauce and a layer of nutritional yeast flakes, then place another layer of lasagna and so on, ending with the white sauce.

Sprinkle with a veil of nutritional yeast flakes and bread crumbs for gratin, and, if you like it, add a tablespoon of sesame seeds for crunch.

Bake the pan for 30-40 minutes and enjoy hot lasagna.

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