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Persimmon puff pastries


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For 4 people: 250 g puff pastry-80 g icing sugar-4 small khaki
Sauces: soy milk g 500 g sugar 50 g shelled hazelnuts-200--a caco


Mix the milk with hazelnuts and allow to steep for 2 hours, then strain the infusion, add 30 g Hazelnut sauce sugar and boiled for 2 '.
Roll out the puff pastry, poke, 1-bring on a plaque, 200° oven for 20 minutes, then to cut out 12 cm diameter discs, 8 4 spolverizzatene with 10 g of icing sugar each and pass them briefly to the grill to caramelize them. Slice the small Khaki, sprinkle with the remaining icing sugar (g 40) and candy at the grill. For the second, blend a large caco sauce with sugar (20 g) and warm up the proceeds. Pour into the plates a veil of two sauces, lean prawn crackers made from 2 discs interspersed by candied persimmons and hazelnuts.

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(Ricetta by La Cucina Italiana On Line e veganizzata a cura di Vegan3000)

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