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Chili paste


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Jalapeno-Basil olive oil


Some fresh chillies, remove the stem and wipe with a dry cloth (not be washed, to prevent the pasta to rot). Cut into small pieces, taking care not to remove the seeds. Puree in a blender and then, while blend, add extra virgin olive oil until you have a soft dough.
Put the pasta in a pot pressure well, then cover with fresh basil leaves and then with Virgin olive oil.
To remove air bubbles that are formed while put the pasta in the pot, wrap it in a cloth and beat him on a hard surface with RAPs and decided (but be careful not to break it!).
Close the jar.
It's a spicy paste that you can add to any preparation (sauces, gravies, stews, etc.).

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(Thanks to Giancarlo C.)

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Interessante questa pasta di peperoncini...ma quanto si conserva poi in frigo?

- Michy -

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