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Lentil curry


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For 4 people: 100 grams of lentils-60 g sultanas-half an apple-1 onion-1 clove of garlic-lemon juice-2 bay leaves-3/4 tsp of curry-extra virgin olive oil-salt-pepper


leave to soak for at least 1) after 6 hours, drain the lentils from the soaking water and bring to simmer with a little water and with two bay leaves. Do not immerse completely in water and, if necessary, it is better to add some hot water during cooking rather than make them too soft (would tend then to fall apart) or leaving them too wet. At the end of the cooking time must not be immersed in the liquid, but must be quite dry. The baking time is pretty short (10/15 minutes), so you should not "set aside" while baking.
2) wash the raisins and put it in warm water for a few minutes (just long enough to run the 3).
3) finely slice the onion and the garlic. Peel the Apple and chop it coarsely (cubes from 1 cm per side).
4) Pour a little oil in a pan or in a small saucepan and put to fry onion, garlic, Apple, raisins and curry.
5) after making the sauce, without turning off the heat, add the lentils, lemon juice, salt and pepper. Mix and heat the lentils.

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(Thanks to Giancarlo C.)

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Le dosi della ricetta sono solo per 2 persone. Per 4 io consiglierei di raddoppiarle.

- br-now -

sì è vero, occorre raddoppiare, soprattutto se piatto unico.

- CT -

che ricetta appetitosa!! ho appena aperto anch'io un blog con le ricette vegane. Se vi va passate a dare un'occhiata. www.studentessavegana.blogspot.it

- studentessavegana -

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