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Chinatown pasta salad


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For 4 people: 300 g. pens, salt, oil, 300 gr. of bean sprouts, bamboo shoots, 1 box of hearts of Palm, 100 gr. sliced carrot, 100 gr. frozen peas, 100 gr. about 200 g of cauliflower florets. tofu, 100 gr. toasted almonds, some raw Bok Choy leaves, soy sauce (shoyu or tamari a natural fermentation without additives or caramel)


Variation ofrice salad, pasta salad can be made with the same ingredients. To vary, you can serve the following recipe, inspired by Chinese cuisine (with strong Western influences).
Boil the macaroni elbows, or small scenes, then pass it under cold water for a few seconds, drain and season with a little oil.
Prepare about 300 gr. soy sprouts causing them to wilt just covered pan with a pinch of salt and a teaspoon of oil. Let them cool. If you find a box of good quality bamboo shoots and palm hearts, drain, cut into slices and add them to the bean sprouts, covering the Pan again to make them flavor.
Boil in salted water 100 gr. sliced carrot, 100 gr. frozen peas and 100 gr. about of cauliflower florets: Blanch all vegetables should be just, otherwise they tend to spappolarsi in the salad. When the boiled vegetables are cool, mix the pasta with the rest of the ingredients, then add 200 gr. diced tofu and about 100 gr. toasted almonds. Serve immediately, preferably on a tray over a layer of Chinese cabbage leaves (which are also excellent to eat raw). Put on the table a bottle of good soy sauce.

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