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Corn pita


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For 4-6 people: 400 g of corn flour-100 g wheat flour-30 gr of baking powder bread-50 g pitted green olives-50 g of pitted black olives-fennel seeds – a pinch of dried marjoram-minced ground chilli-olive oil-salt


Sift together the cornmeal and flour, then add a teaspoon of salt and stir. Meanwhile, you have dissolved the yeast in a glass of warm water. Now start mixing the ingredients until the dough is soft and dry (of course, to work on everything you'll need to add lukewarm water).
Leave to prove this dough, wrapped in a dishcloth, at room temperature.
Spent an hour, divide the dough into two parts and a grade it on a floured work surface.
In a bowl, mash the olives with a fork and flavored with fennel seeds, marjoram and pepper.
Cover now the dough spread with these ingredients, then, drizzle a little olive oil over olives.
Roll out the remainder of the mixture with corn flour and white flour; with this you go to fill the first layer of pasta.
Now, with the help of a circular mold or with wheel to cut pizza, try and get the 7-10 cm diameter pita (the remaining dough you can still fire it: it will be less aesthetically pleasing, but still delicious).
Then close the edges of pita (and remaining pasta) with your fingers. If it is difficult to remain closed the pita, you can moisten the edges with water that will act as a glue.
Grease the surface of each pita with a little olive oil and bake, laying them out on a baking sheet covered with parchment paper, for about twenty minutes in a hot oven at 250° c.

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