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Vermicelli with mushrooms


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For 4 people: 400 g of vermicelli-400 g of cardoncelli mushrooms-2 large garlic cloves-.5 onion-olive-brandy-salt-chili-minced parsley


In a bowl, Soak mushrooms, formerly deprived fewer parts hold, rinse them thoroughly under the revenue tap water and when they will have no land, let them drain for a few minutes. Meanwhile, in a large skillet, preferably non-stick pan, heat oil and Brown garlic and onion sliced thin previously peeled, rinsed and dried with absorbent paper. Subsequently, Add the mushrooms cut into small pieces and mix them with a wooden spoon. Cover the pan with a lid or with the aluminum foil and cook for the first few moments. Immediately after Discover and season with the salt, chili powder and stir. Halfway through cooking, turn up the flame and drizzle it all the brandy that evaporate and thicken for a few minutes and finish cooking. Heat the vermicelli in salted water, drain the tooth and pour into the pan with the mushrooms. Add some chopped parsley, stir quickly over the flame and serve hot.

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