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Vegan kebab


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For each kebab

1 vegan wrap (Italian piadina)

vegan seitan kebabs (or vegan gyros)


some tomato slices

some onion rings (preferably red)

spicy ketchup sauce (or other sauce according to your taste)


One street food tasty and popular, infinitely healthier than that of traditional meat scraps from many varied provenance... but not less tasty!
In addition this one it is totally cruelty-free!!


Roll out a bed of salad leaves in the center of the piadina while still hot.

Add some tomato slices with onion rings.

Finish with the vegan kebab hot and sprinkle with a sauce of your choice.

Roll up and enjoy!

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Thanks to Emanuela Barbero, webmaster di Vegan3000 e autrice di libri di cucina vegan

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