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Recycled spaghetti with coriander and moong dahl


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For 1 person
100 g spaghetti cooked al dente (Advanced, in this case always toss with a little olive oil before putting them in the fridge)
1 cup chopped fresh cilantro
1 tablespoon toasted poppy seeds
1 tablespoon very finely cut nori seaweed
2 tablespoons moong dahl
extra virgin olive oil
salt and pepper


Do some chopped fresh coriander and put it to "rest" in a bowl with poppy seeds, toasted nori seaweed, oil and salt.
Skip the noodles in the pan with a little oil to taste (from just cued to lightly fried and crispy), add compost and moong dahl, mix quickly and remove from heat when coriander is just wilted.
Season with pepper and serve immediately.

Note: Moong dahl moong beans (a kind of lentil peeled small and yellow) are ready-roasted Oriental stores, or you can toast at home; they are a bit like puffed rice but more crispy). Even fresh coriander is Oriental stores, otherwise you can use the parsley but not at all the same thing! :-)

You can of course also do with freshly made pasta, but recycled is more good because more bun. :-))

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(Thanks to Antonella Sagone)

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