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Essene bread


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100 g of fresh and organic wheat


In the preparation of the Essene bread cereal grains remain whole, maintaining their nutrient and energy integrià, remaining so a food "alive"!
The only ingredient used is sprouted wheat.
In this way, among other things, the starch is converted into simple sugars, vitamins rate increases, minerals become more available and activates enzymes.
This process applies to all types of shoots.
Traditionally the Essenes made their bread sprouting wheat and then waded up and forming of biscuits which were then put out to dry in the generous Sun of the Middle East.
Nowadays you can reproduce the preparation on a scale more "familiar".

Soak the beans overnight and then rinse and let them sprout 24-48 hours in a sprouter, until the seed reaches about half a centimetre.
Crushed so the buds using a stand mixer on low speed: it is a very practical solution however not completely respectful of the food.
Subsequently made of thin cakes that you can dehydrate in the Sun or in a dryer at low temperature.
These simple cakes sprouted wheat can be enriched with raisins or sunflower seeds or sesame previously soaked overnight, or even algae or herbs or spices.

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(Thanks to Eric Viard - www.eco-bio.info)

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