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Stir fry seitan with vegetables


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A pack of grilled seitan-olive black-Rosemary-soy sauce (instead of salt)-cherry tomatoes (or tomato sauce)-vinegar (also of apples)


Recipe example suitable for both tofu that seitan.
The seitan, in particular, is of different textures: from very compact to very soft. And each recipe takes her seitan. The practice will help you!

Take the seitan (or even tofu) to the plate (which is good so already) and get it into strips or chunks (3 x 3 or 2 x 4), put some oil in a pan and sauté adding large black olives, Rosemary, and a bit of soy sauce (salt), just browned add a tablespoon of tomato sauce per serving (so little!) or some cherry tomato , to flavor well and at the end add a splash of vinegar (also of apples). Yummy! and fast!

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(Thanks to Dora Grieco)

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