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Easter Fair Trade Menu (7)

Easter menu based on the Fair Trade products, completely vegan and cruelty free!

serves 4 people

by Michela Bellia

These recipes come a bit from my modest experience and a bit from my creativity.
I would suggest to do the same thing: use your knowledge and whatever your imagination suggests; with this "ingredient" you will bring to the table "live" food, personalized and always new!

Happy Easter

Products for these recipes:

- organic vegetable sauces (from a social cooperative of Rimini which employs disabled people);
- red rice from Thailand;
- fungi from Ecuador "suillus luteus" – porcino pinerolo;
- pasta from Associazione "LiberaTerra";
- quinoa from Bolivia;
- soy from Ecuador;

- fresh organic bananas;
- fresh organic pineapple;
- chocolate from Bolivia, Dominican Republic, and brown sugar from the Philippines.

You can find them in Fair Trade shops throughout Italy.

Some useful links where you can find more information on these products and on Fair Trade: