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Gourmet Christmas menu (10)

A particularly rich and tasty menu to combine the pleasure of good food with yummy dishes without cruelty, able to satisfy even the most discerning palates.

by Emanuela Barbero
webmaster of Vegan3000.info and author of vegan cookbooks


We have selected for you a range of starters that can be prepared in advance, as well as the desserts.

Conversely are to be freshly prepared the first dishes and the main and side dishes.

The selected dishes have a degree of difficulty from easy to medium, while some forethoughts in addition should be paid for the chocolate cake (Sachertorte), especially for the fact that it contemplates several stages of preparation.

This menu has been prepared for our guests, who liked it, but on our site there are many other alternatives, particularly in the menu section.

Enjoy your meal!
It has been conceived for the respect of all living beings!