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Grilled vegetables (2)


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Eggplant-peppers-courgettes-red onions (the vegetables are cut into slices about half a centimetre, the amount varies depending on people)

Needed: a cast iron grill pan

Dressing for the salad dressing: out of all the vegetables is great a sauce made with extra virgin olive oil and chopped fresh parsley and garlic, with the addition of chilli. Otherwise you can simply add oil, salt and pepper.
If necessary, add eggplant diced fresh tomatoes made (removing water).


First of all you must have a cast iron grill pan, and it becomes absolutely red hot before cooking the vegetables. Waiting for that to happen you can cut the vegetables.
These vegetables, except for peppers, do not need cooking times high, just wait for the vegetable slice will come off naturally from the plate and are visible the lines scorched stemming from the shape of the plate.
As regards the peppers have to wait for your skin is almost completely burned out and have become "soft".
Out of all the vegetables pour the sauce above or just olive oil, salt and pepper.
If necessary, add eggplant diced fresh tomatoes made (removing water).
A trick, if you eat at lunch the night before them already seasoned with all the ingredients, the next day I even more good.

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Queste verdure ai ferri secondo me sono veramente favolose!!!
(Thanks to Ilaria)

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