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2 cucumber-3 cloves of garlic-250 gr of tofu-soy milk-salt-vinegar


Tzatziki is a typical Greek sauce made with yogurt, but with tofu you get an excellent result.
Put the peeled and sliced cucumber in a colander to make him lose water, sprinkling them with salt. After about half an hour you can wash and reduce them to a pulp in a food processor.
Put the pulp aside and use the mixer, this time to crush the garlic.
Then add the tofu and, to make it creamy, a little soy milk, at your discretion. Finally add the cucumbers, add salt, add two or three drops of vinegar and mix again.
This sauce is great on toast.

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(Thanks to Luisella - PIGOUT)

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Per una versione ancora più da sballo, usare un mix di aceto balsamico + aceto di mele, insieme ad una spolverata finale di pepe. Uaoooo! :o)))

- Manu -

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