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The French vitelotte


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For 4 people

2 medium-size turnips

1000 gr vitelotte potatoes

salt, pepper, extra virgin olive oil

8 broccoli rabes

50 gr of organic tamari

100 gr of hemp oil


Finely slice 12 slices of turnip and cook in salted water for a few minutes.

The slices of turnip greens will be the wrapper for your tan.

Meanwhile cooking the potatoes in their skins in salted water; once cooked, mash them into a puree that be dressed with olive oil and pepper.

The latter preparation will be the stuffing for ravioli di rapa.

Prepare the cold emulsion of hemp oil and tamari same with leaves of sorrel.

Take the slices of turnip cooked and made of shaped tortello, filling them with potato stuffing.

Place in the pot turnip greens cooked and place your tan on his plate trying to achieve a harmonic composition.

Season with the emulsion of hemp oil and tamari and serve the dish once cooled.

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Ricetta dello Chef Antonio Chiodi Latini

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