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Diana cookies


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Ingredients for a baking tin:
90 g flour type 2
90 g of cereals (oats, barley, rye, corn, wheat)
a glass between walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, sunflower seeds, linseed
1 tablespoon of quinoa tip
100 g of soy milk
30 g raisins
1 apple and 1 small pear
1/2 teaspoon of cream of tartar
grated lemon peel
a pinch of salt
a pinch of cinnamon
a tablespoon of coconut flour


Soak the raisins in warm water while resting and coarsely chop walnuts, hazelnuts and almonds.
In a bowl, combine all the dry ingredients (flour, salt, nuts, oats, quinoa, cinnamon) except for the coconut flour and cream of tartar.
Apart from finely grate the apple and pear, and add the milk, raisins and lemon peel squeezed.
Mix well and add to the dry ingredients.
Blend with a hand blender still leaving the mixture a little crass: the result will be quite sticky. Finally add the cream of tartar.
Use a spoon to form cookies rather dishes on the plate lined with parchment paper and dust the middle with little coconut flour.
Bake at 180° C for about twenty minutes.

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(Ricetta dell'Istituto Nazionale dei Tumori di Milano, Progetto Diana - Tratta dal libro “Alimentare il benessere” di Franco Berrino)

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