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Bruschetta with radicchio


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For 4 people
8 slices of bread (or integral, however a pretty rustic bread)-some leaves of radicchio-1 onion-olive oil- aromatic salt


Wash the radicchio and carefully dry the leaves to be used.
Then cut into smaller strips.
Heat a little oil in a pan, add the finely chopped onion, Brown, then add the radicchio leaves and a pinch of salt (preferably aromatic).
Cook for a few minutes until the radicchio is cooked.
In the meantime you proceeded to preheat the oven and slice bread (making it already heat gently in the oven), which will distribute the radicchio condendolo with a little olive oil (preferably using the aromatic).
Bake in a hot oven for a few minutes and serve Golden and crisp.
In baking take care not to burn too radicchio!

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