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Artichoke soup


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an artichoke per person, a clove of garlic, a whole peeled tomato, a sprig of parsley, 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil, a little salt, soy cheese, hard


Put everything in raw to boil in 5-600 ml of water per person, artichokes, cleaned and cut into thin wedges, whole garlic, peeled into strips, oil and salt.
In time of 20-25 minutes the soup will be ready and you'll notice the smell (so fresh and gentle!), enjoy a slice of artichoke. Cook separately, as usual, 100 grams of spaghetti per person.
"Al dente" (one minute less than when directed on the package) drain well and place in a shallow dish, add the artichoke soup and implements sprinkle soy cheese, fine: a veil of pepper!
My mother's recipe, simple and delicious on winter evenings.
And ' the famous soup with a fork!

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(Ricetta inviata da Pio Acito - Matera)

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il brodetto viene meglio se invece del pomodoro si mettono i fiori di basilico(sostituisce in modo stupendo il dado)e se invece degli spaghetti si mettono i ditali piccoli

- maria -

prova con questa modifica: aggiungi 1/2 bicchiere di marsala secco e sostituisci gli spaghetti con le passatelle

- sante -

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