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Easter menu without cruelty (6)

A full menu for a vegan Easter without cruelty! At Easter don't kill... save the Lamb!

by Emanuela Barbero
webmaster of Vegan3000.info and author of vegan cookbooks

Every life deserves respect, especially that of the cubs.
On Easter every year only in Italy are massacred over 3 million lambs,
get born with the sole purpose of being killed and eaten on this occasion.

Easter should be a moment of peace and reflection in the hearts of all, 
therefore why celebrate this feast in a way so barbaric and cruel?

Think about the frightened screams of these puppies
away from their mothers,
how much blood is spilled, their fear and their agony,
their skinning and then to be blown to pieces...
a painful death, absurd and meaningless.

Who eats the lambs is responsible for all their suffering:
starting this year, let yourself be guided by your heart and stop eating them!

At Easter don't kill... save the Lamb!