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Full menu in the oven (5)

A full vegan menu cooked in the oven, including bread, with just one hour of baking! Ideal for those in a hurry or for an emergency, or when you have unexpected guests or an invitation to a friend's home at the last minute.

Complete Menu
with 1 hour of cooking in the oven

recipes by Riccardo Gabbanelli


A practical proposal for an emergency for a ' Full ' Menu
with just one hour of baking.

You may have guests for dinner, maybe unexpected,
with little time to prepare multiple dishes.
But if you have the necessary ingredients,
or if you can make the necessary changes
(the same recipe can have multiple variations)
and you have a mold and a loaf pan (I have four),
with an hour of oven you can cook them all together.
The smells of these foods are so delicate that will not bore each other.

This dinner can be easily transported to your friends.
Has never happened to you to be a guest
and also to have the task of cooking?
To me it often happens!


Now let's start to cook!
When you have prepared pasta, bread, pie and loaf pan,
place the 4 molds on a baking sheet and bake all together
at 180°C for about an hour,
then turn off the oven and serve everything hot.
Each recipe is accompanied by its optimal time of cooking:
you can remove from the oven at first pasta, then the pie and the loaf pan,
and let the bread which takes longer to cook.